If you don’t see an answer to your question, send me an email.

Why should I book through you?

I’m here to help match you with a location that fits your look and budget needs. Many of the locations I represent can be found on other location web sites, but those web sites aren’t local and it’s up to you to find out if what you want to do and how much you can pay will be acceptable to the location owner. I include 30-60 minutes of consulting with every private location booking that goes through me. Why waste your time leaving voice mail in a dozen locations when I can help you build your short list in minutes?

Do you charge a fee for booking a location?

The location owner pays me a commission for the business I bring to them. Fees may be charged for booking public and municipal properties as they aren’t often set up to pay commissions.

I want to list my location/service with you, how much do you charge?

I do not charge for representing and listing locations and services. A commission is due if I connect you with a paying customer. I prefer to list locations and services in my local area.

Will you put me on your links page?

I am happy to put a link to your production or production company on my links page in exchange for you doing the same.

Whom do I pay the location fee to?

Location fees are always paid directly to the site owner. Mojave Locations only accepts payments for services we directly provide. This policy is to protect you and the site owner.

Do I need a permit to film at X property?

Go to our Links page to find links to the relevant filming offices. We can guide you through the permit process and assist in filling out the forms.

Do I need to carry commercial liability insurance?

The general answer is yes, you should be able to show that you have commercial liability insurance and provide an “Additional Insured” certificate to the location owner. A $1 million policy is standard. Depending on what is involved with your production, a policy with a higher limit may be required. A location owner may wave the insurance requirement if your production is very simple and will only include a small number of personnel.

Do I need to make a deposit when I book the site?

Some location owners require a refundable deposit to guarantee that the site will be returned in the condition it was delivered and on time. You may be asked to place a deposit to reserve the date(s) you have requested. Non-refundable deposits may be required to hold a location such as an aircraft interior set or if the location requires dressing or if services requested have or will have already been delivered.

Are pyrotechnics/SFX allowed?

Some sites allow pyrotechnics and others don’t or restrict the type and amount used. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll do our best to match you up with a location that will welcome your production.

I have an adult entertainment production, can I use your locations?

Yes, we have locations for productions that require some extra discretion. Not all locations are appropriate and some site owners may object. Just let us know what you need and we’ll turn the light off for ya (Should be read by Tom Bodett) Just a reminder, many of our sites are outside of Los Angeles County.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Some locations require booking up to 30 days in advance. The earlier in pre-production you can contact us, the better. Locations are on a first come (and deposit paid), first served. It’s always easier to provide services with as much notice as possible. Sometimes wardrobe or props from companies we represent are in Los Angeles or as far away as Las Vegas. If they are off-rental, we can fetch them back in hours, but we will charge for the rush service. Location owners may also be unavailable and take several days to contact. But, don’t hesitate to call even if it’s at the last minute. Mojave Locations has some sites where we can act as an agent for some types of productions.

What defines a “day” for location fees?

Each site may define a production day differently, but most consider 24 hours as one day. If the site has a location supervisor acting for the owner, their “day” may differ with regards to overtime pay and extra charges.

Does X location have X service?

You should find a site specification sheet associated with the gallery pictures that describes what you can expect. If the location you like does not have a service you require, we can usually find a local supplier.  Still have questions? Contact me.

 What do you charge for your services?

Charges vary depending on what I need to do to help you. Discounts are given for prepaid services and for an entire day(s). Charges for scouting a location that looks promising on Google Earth to get pictures and asses local services/logistics might be billed on an hourly plus mileage basis. For an entire day, we can negotiate a discounted price from the hourly rate with a certain amount of travel included. My lowest rates are billed for consulting that I can accomplish from my office. Overnight and short term trips to scout multiple locations further out are a possibility. I’m more than happy to give you a quote based on your needs.